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This is still common. I recall the anecdote that there is one US state where one in four people have no teeth, due to getting them all pulled, though I can't find the data now.

My wife is a dentist. One of her classmates told the story of their parent's dental practice, where someone had taken their teenager in, discovered they needed some expensive dental work, and said "take out all the teeth, they're gonna fail eventually anyway".

How does a parent have the ability to say that over some teen's body..? It's horrible to me to read that people would just say that.

Having had wisdom teeth removed, a couple root canals and several cavaties, and having seen the discomfort and problems my wife and daughter’s impacted teeth have had on them, you could do much worse than just ripping them all out and replacing them with high quality manufactured teeth.

Human teeth are about as reliable as the gal bladder. Obviously it would be preferable to maintain your essence but (post)agrarian diets and lifestyles disagree.

Yes I know they're not the most reliable teeth in the world, that's not what I'm talking about. A parent saying "take out all the teeth, they're gonna fail eventually anyway"? Am I weird for thinking that sounds horrible? I can't even try to make analogies for it because whatever I think of is not as bad as that quote.

I think its horrible - its far too early to make that decision for your child. I think its something a person should make for themselves. "Expensive dental work" could mean only a few teeth impacted - the rest may be perfectly great. I see no reason to take them out.

For many children, my daughter in this case, it was an option, and was suggested. We didn't go that route but given both parents teeth and the dentist's assessment it would have been reasonable.

I think what your main concern is that such a drastic body modification should not be done in a flippant manner. I feel the same way about hormone therapy.

That dentist saw a goldmine - often times the "pull it all, implant" solution is the price anchor on the top end.

Oh heck no, you act as if implants are a simple, permanent thing. I worked at a series of offices that specialized in implants long before they were a fad and whom pioneered techniques.

The reason they sell well with old people is that the patient will be dead before the lifecycle of the implant is up.

There are SO many things that can and do go wrong placing implants, especially now that every corner dentist is using them as a profit center.

Bone loss, gum recession, rejected implants, nerve issues, poor aging of crowns in both color/quality, and a million other things make implants far from a simple solution.

A full set of implants is easily over 60k often times up near 80-100k, and a huge number of full mouth implant patients had to come back due to complications (and our offices had lower complication numbers per implant.)

If it weren't for the bone loss thats hard to get back, implant supported dentures are almost a better way to go.

Unfortunately afaik all replacements are worse than real teeth.

For some reasons one of my dentists had a booklet about the replacements in his waiting rooms. They all have issue.

My dentist would be horrified if she heard about pulling out functional teeth.

She does implants but she is aware and open about inferiority of artificial solutions and always tries to save as much of natural teeth as she can because mechanical interface between artificial thing and tissue never works as good as real stuff.

See my post a little bit up - you're totally right. I saw it from the dentist PoV and theres a lot they don't tell you - let alone that most dentists should not be let near an implant.

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