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Wonder how this is going to affect Micro Focus’ other products in the future, they have a lot of software inherited from Novell that relies on SUSE (some of which aren’t even distributed as RPM’s but SLES-based virtual appliances like ZenWorks).

It's probably not going to affect it very much. SUSE has a decent sized chunk of appliance/embedded Linux business.

Aside from SAP, another user that most people wouldn't be too aware of was VMware. Before they created Photon OS, they used SUSE Linux Enterprise for their vCenter appliances. They've been long-time SUSE customers.

In addition to that, a large chunk of point-of-sale systems are built using SUSE Linux Enterprise customized JeOS ("Just enough Operating System") appliance systems.

I think this is likely to be just fine.

(Note, not a SUSE employee, this is just based on my spelunking and research.. ;) )

Also, if you work at a larger company and have a Siemens/Unify IP phone on your desk, it's not unlikely that it's connected to OpenScape Voice running on SUSE. (Even if it's not an IP phone, it might be connected to a smaller sub-PBX which itself talks to an OpenScape Voice server.

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