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Try 6.1 noob :)

try 5.3 . The old good YaST rulez

Yast was never good. I still have nightmares of it happily overwriting and destroying my configuration on several occasions. No warnings shown or questions asked.

Oh, memories! Does Suse still use yast or did they replace it?

openSUSE still "uses" YaST, as in, if you choose to change something via YaST, it will happily do so. You can also simply install/uninstall various components. It also happily integrates with changes made elsewhere (e.g. the "Firewall"-module wraps around firewalld nowadays, which you can influence either via YaST or firewall-cmd etc.).

I sometimes use the Package Management part of it, since searching for something is sometimes quite nice in it. That said, I don't use it for installing software or doing updates etc., so you can absolutely use e.g. zypper & YaST side-by-side.

Oh, it's still there, we just never use it. Or mention it in polite company.

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