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Congratulations. You have just helped take away the #1 support mechanism for our SaaS. Can I just redirect all my irate customers to your email when they cannot reach our support team within minutes like they do now after installing your extension?

The extension allows the user to temporarily show the widgets, in case the user does need support, but yes it would actually be a lot of fun if you would redirect them to hello@hellogoodbye.app

Funny, you know I think the commenters on here and PH are mainly hobbyist or work in large corporates and don't actually have to run a web service to make profit it seems. The comments about cookie privacy and GDPR etc. just proves that they don't have a clue about the legal aspects of running a web service.

Yeah I get that some sites use popup chats that are annoying as heck, but by and large, they are a tool to get more engagement and interactivity with the visitor.

Perhaps I should write a Chrome extension that removes credit card forms from all web sites so people aren't forced to send money to anyone. Who knows, might even make it to #1 on ProductHunt.

I think those people that are commenting on here and PH are mainly people that are annoyed that 50% of their browser screen is taken up by widgets, while they are being followed around by 20 trackers (seriously why do people need facebook, google, adobe and crazyegg analytics on their site)

These widgets are just being abused to extract just a little more conversion rate.

You're just missing the point.

By the way, what do you think about my offer? I was being serious, would be funny to have all the support emails redirected to me.

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