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What annoys me most of all about these things is when they immediately popup when I first visit a site - no, I don't have any questions, because I haven't even looked at a single word of text yet!

And then they send you a message first to pressure you in to talking as well as making you feel watched

And then you get a pop-up asking to subscribe to the newsletter of a company whose product you know nothing about.

just like in a physical store. when you're shopping for clothes and some overeager sales assistant comes to hovers around you asking if you need any help. sometimes it's useful but sometimes it's annoying and you just want to be left alone to look yourself.

Don't forget about "leaving already?" popup when one moves cursor diagonally towards tab/top area

Was using Snapengage before Intercom and the option to set chats to appear after x seconds (usually used 45-90) or pages visited was so good. The response rates were actually higher than for the more dumb Intercom immediate popups.

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