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I was once considering a switch to sprint... had gone through the process of picking a phone, selecting a service level and was half way through checkout, BAM! in your face chat, "Can I help you?" Cancelled entirely.

Same thing happens with Dell, I don't think it's possible to get through an order and checkout without an intrusive chat opening up on you.

I don't mind if it's an icon+label off to the side in a fixed position, it's handy if you want it. But when it opens up and interferes with you using the site in question, you lost me as a customer. And I'll actually engage with the chat to let them know they lost me because of it.

Aside from omg, buy your phone separate and month to month the contract.

You should use chat widgets to get discounts.

You can almost always get an extra 10-20% off from a lot of places via cs staff because that's what they're allowed to give and they're incentivised to give it to you because they want good survey feedback.

Dell and Lenovo are notoriously bad with this to the point I exclusively place orders through their chat staff.

I hadn't thought about it that way, but it's just so annoying to me.

P.S. I always buy the phone outright, was just getting it through the carrier, the price was competitive.

Fair enough.

And yes, the inefficiency of it all makes my eye twitch uncontrollably also.

When I was a student trying to work out the discounts for Dells product I found their chat widget pretty useful. I agree, it's an annoyance when it's intrusive, but having the ability to quickly speak to someone can be useful.

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