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This is one of the reasons I keep my speakers muted by default. Poorly behaved websites and software will be poorly behaved regardless of your wishes. Having your speakers off prevents in-page scripts and ads from annoying you. If you can't keep your computer/speakers muted, then you can still mute the browser itself, at least on desktop.

I usually listen to music via the browser, so that's not a great option for me :/

Pulse audio let's you have one browser process playing, and then mute other processes. I make a special profile to just play Spotify and other media. Open a new profile for work (well, per project)

Isn't it terrible that one has to explicitly do all these while the normal experience for people who don't know about such options is bad?

Man, that's kind of a hassle - I would have to create one profile just for music and videos, one profile for random personal browsing, and a third one for work. (And possibly a fourth one for work, if I explicitly wanted to watch work-related sound content without switching to a personal profile.) I don't think I need that at this time, but it's good to know.

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