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GDPR is good for you. It is for your benefit to be able choose what is stored on the website about you.

It is the websites that are making the banner look so annoying just to make you quickly click "OK, I agree" button.

Dude, I know. It's the clicking through the "learn more" links and other disguised buttons and mazes to disagree that anger me, while it could be a program doing it. Additionally, if the user just doesn't answer, the assumption must be no consent.

Consent must be obtained for tracking, right? The law requires that it's opt-in?

So when the GDPR is properly enforced and implemented, there should be no difference to the end user between blocking these content elements vs. clicking No or ignoring the element, as the default is that consent has not been given.

I wonder how many sites actually use the banner's "OK" BEFORE they inject the ads and analytics scripts.

Yes, consent must be given, and it should be a positive action. Inaction, pre-checked boxes does not qualify.

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