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Curious fact about F1 aerodynamics: the regulations limit the computing power of the CFD clusters they use. The limit is about 30 teraflops but the teams can trade off less teraflops to more wind tunnel time.

As someone working with semiconductors, I think the limit should be watts instead of flops to encourage competition in this aspect too.

Wow, how can you enforce a limit on simulation time?

Can't they use a secret cloud somewhere?

They could, but they get audited a lot.

The fines for cheating (unless you are Ferrari, usually) are catastrophic (for a non-works team): Lots of money and probable disqualification from the WCC

Afaik they need to provide logs.

Of course they could cheat but the penalties of getting caught are severe.

The limit isn't very high, though. A single box with a few GPUs is enough to hit the limit.

fyi most cfd software is not using GPU, current cfd clusters are traditional cpu solving systems.

also 30 teraflops of RANS simulations is a lot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reynolds-averaged_Navier%E2%80...

basic cfd with turbulence modelling can get you pretty close and then refine in wind tunnels.

the other techniques are LES https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Large_eddy_simulation

genetic algorithms and iterative optimization is leading to more organic and nature inspired shapes in the latest generations.

Are they limited to specific software? I wonder if they could "cheat" using the new neural network NS solvers that came out recently.

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