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The debate over privacy can't rely on tech giants (eff.org)
71 points by DiabloD3 39 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

This is a good article from the EFF but I would extend the headline to say: Why the Debate Over Privacy Can't Rely on Tech Giants or the Tech Community.

When it comes to privacy, the tech community is full of contradictions and double-standards. Too many people in the field view privacy solely through the lens of security i.e. if your data is securely held and never leaked that is good enough. This suits the tech giants very well. In fact, it appears to be how many of these tech giants view privacy themselves.

Of course, you can't have privacy without security. But security simply by itself does not equal privacy.

A widespread attitude among tech workers appears to be: being tracked to death online is perfectly fine as long as that data is never leaked. This, in their view (and the view of the tech giants), equals privacy.

Questions about how much data is held about users, or how relentless is the level of tracking are rarely raised. Until, of course, some of that user data gets leaked and we get a glimpse of the sheer volume of data held.

Even for companies that profess to have never suffered a data breach, the sheer volume of data they can mine and interrogate for "insights" into user behaviour must be staggering. The tech field's reaction to this: silence. Or, "yeah, so what?"

the sheer volume of data they can mine and interrogate for "insights" into user behaviour must be staggering

yes, you are right, and...

interrogate for "insights"

I understand you use a mild tone, but we know this is an understatement...

What they really could do with your personal behavior data is More Then Staggering, with the technology of fucking insect-like stupidity (its not intelligence, inteligence is not neural network based, intelligence is 100% heuristics, perceptrons and neuralnets are not intelligence, they are primitive reaction-based systems, no matter how good your primitive-system controls the flight of a dragonfly(big insect, fly amamzingly, motor-sensorial system is wow) but a fucking fly is not intelligent nor will probably have much chances of developing any intelligence (besides insect-like stupidity) maybe i am wrong...it is my opinion...


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