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It 100 percent is their fault. They are manipulating elected members of government intended to respresent the PEOPLES best interest. This is where capitalism fails

Wouldn’t the fault lie with the representatives and the people that keep re-electing them?

Uh, I mean, partly? It's a pretty strange argument to say that no one can be culpable of a bad thing so long as that thing is currently legal.

Imagine that murder was not illegal. Imagine that instead of making it illegal, we complained to murderers that what they are doing is bad and they ought not to. Then, we'd wonder why the crime rate isn't going doing.

The argument isn't about assigning blame. It's about criticizing society for not solving the problem. Complaining about lobbyists doing bad things is not an effective solution. Doing so shifts the dialog away from law implementation (solution-oriented and practical) towards what is "right" and "wrong" (vague, subjective, and doesn't lead to improvement).

There's plenty of blame to go around. We don't need to narrow it down to just one entity.

That's not Inuit's fault, it's the people's fault who don't elect people who legislate against that. Inuit's operating normally within the legal framework that they're subject to.

If you make <doing something> legal, you can't blame an entity for exercising their right to <do something>.

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