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"Android has 71% market share in the EU, as of February 2019 - compared to iOS's 21%."

I think it's worth pointing out that Spotify is a Swedish company, where iOS has a 58% market share, according to the site you linked. It could be that Spotify's main markets are ones where iOS has a more significant share.

"In theory, if the 30% cut was too high, developers wouldn't want to develop on the iOS platform"

The problem is not just that Apple is taking a 30% cut; it's that it's also running a competing service. Spotify are arguing that Apple are unfairly using their supposed dominance in one market (phones) to achieve dominance in another market (streaming music).

They're complaint has been made to the EU. Besides, they are a global company in many markets. Spotify are not "the little guys" they are claiming to be.

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