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I’m pretty sure the federal government tracking details about where people live and what they spend in daycare is one of the signs of the antichrist. (No, seriously, the federal government doesn’t track this information about you. It can use its police powers to get that information if necessary, but that’s different.)

> is one of the signs of the antichrist.

Can you cut the fucking hyperbole? In this thread you're being obstinate and snarky about what the IRS can't possibly know about you. You're demonstrably wrong about some of them (e.g. mortgage interest), and half a dozen people are suggesting practical ways for the IRS to learn about some of the other things, or for you to correct them.


Indeed, especially as the US legal system gives strong protections in this area. For instance, if you sell illegal narcotics you’re required to buy tax stamps from your local tax office. Due to the illicit nature of the transactions, they have to sell them to you in total anonymity. The IRS only cares about receiving your taxes, not snitching, and there’s no reason for this to change.

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