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I can guarantee you it can work for B2B at scale. I've personally grown multiple B2B accounts from $0 to an ROI positive six figures monthly. From seed stage start-ups to post IPO companies.

That's not to say you did anything wrong - it's possible your specific set-up wouldn't work. But many agencies do not know how to do it.

how is that measured ?. initially we thought, how stupid we where in not paying for facebook earlier because of increase in signups. but on closer look the registrations all where from private individuals (remember we are b2b) and they would never fill out the data about the company or even log again after initial signup. even those that where registered as companies never used it.

i think facebook user has a different expectation then google. i know some companies first hand that had great expirience with b2c, i never meet some that did great in b2b.

maybe if our focus was more on creating a community around a common thema, and then do brand building or so, it could work as a secondary generator of leads, but for pure,i pay for an ad and the goal is to get an conversation it was not that great.

so if you could write more about what does work it would be great because only relaying on adwords and always increasing cpc is not that appealing.

Measured by revenue generated per $ spent. What works depends on your specific situation.

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