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When I call my insurance or bank, I get a pleasant voice interface.

When PagerDuty calls my carphone (or worse, my motorcycle helmet communicator), I get an inhuman civil defense robot from 1980 that only accepts touch-tone inputs.

But, it absolutely never fails.

This is not true in my experience. I led the monitoring team at my past job and we spent a non significant effort monitoring PagerDuty due to often delays in ingestion and notification. If you page through their status page[1] they have a problem with delayed ingestion or notification almost monthly. If people actually monitored they'd be surprised how often they miss SLA.

[1] https://status.pagerduty.com/history?page=1

I don't know if I would go that far, but the service is quite reliable. I have experienced some spot issues with message and alert delivery over the years, but overall, reliability is strong with this tool

Better than old school pagers from the 80's which just had an earth shattering sound.

I remember being on call for Telecom Gold (uk version of Tymnet) got home from London late pager fell down the side of my bed and I didn't notice.

Later that night at 3am it went off like a small nuke and it literally took me 20 mins and a coffee to gather myself to be able to call the Operators and then logon (dial up to a x.25 PAD)

I wish I could opt in to that for all automated communications. Fighting my way through voice-recognition menus is always a pain in the ass that makes me wish for the telephone menu systems of the 90s.

I like having both options!

When Pagerduty calls me, it's because I've missed the push, email, and SMS notifications. The phone ringing gets my attention but I usually hang it up and open the app.

If I'm driving, secondary oncall can get it.

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