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Bottomless is awesome! I've been part of the service for a while now - and only stopped using it recently because my neighborhood coffee roaster (who I'm trying my best to support!) isn't on the service: https://lovelicton.com/pilrim_coffee_comes_to_oaktree.html.

I don't necessarily have ideas about how to improve or expand your service - however since you are in Seattle and utilize Open Source software, I encourage you to hack on some of those projects with the community at our next OpenSource hackathon in Licton Springs. https://lovelicton.com/images/events/2019/hackathon.jpg (our next one is April 29th).

Thanks for starting an awesome Seattle company!


Glad to hear you churned for a reason other than the service!

We believe companies should find a way to give back to the open source software they use. We're actively thinking over how best to do this. Thanks for the links!

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