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They just raised a round in September of 2018 at $1.3B so it will be interesting to see where the public market values the company.

2017 revenue: $79.6MM 2018 revenue (est): $117.8MM 2019 revenue (est): $164.9MM 2020 revenue (est): $214.3MM

Safe guess potentially 10x current year (2019) which would be $1.6B.

Considering that they need an IPO pop the shares would be priced about 20-25% lower, bringing them back to that $1.3B private round valuation.

Unless the bankers are very optimistic and it will trade higher in which case they would be looking to price at the $1.6-1.7B range and hope that it pops to $2B at open.

You need to dream bigger. Palantir looking to go public at 45X revenues.


That would be so absurd

I think the market isn’t crazy so they can start at whatever and feel reality will slap them sober. Like Dropbox and Snapchat experienced.

But.. they're a development agency! Right?

2B would be a reasonable price. Who knows, they may get acquired by the tech behemoths.

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