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We'll see but anyhow it seems that some people like the language's features. Pony exists so why not this?


Can you explain the connection you're trying to draw between Pony, a language used in production, and this one? I don't want your comment to be misinterpreted.

Sorry I wasn't clear and the connection is not clear. The connection is only that Pony is as far I know a less common language that implements a unique set of somewhat similar features so it should be feasible for V to be built. I was thinking that not only can Google create Go or Mozilla create Rust but smaller groups or maybe an individual can create an useful programming language.

Writing this caused me to look at [1] to see if I was completely off. I do see some similarities but also a big difference, at this point of time, in terms of Pony's greater professionalism and claim's to rigour.

[1] https://www.ponylang.io/discover/#what-is-pony

The connection being that coming from the fringes/nowhere (e.g. no Google or MS etc), without much support, and building a language with a comparable feature set is not exactly impossible...

Pony actually exists, while this doesn't. Not sure what you are trying to say.

If you take as granted that "this doesn't" exist, of course there's nothing the parent can say.

But if you consider that "it might or might not exist, it could be vapor, or merely under wraps, we don't know yet" -- which is reasonable, then the comparison to Pony is clear:

Pony (a language with tons of similar great features and no big corporate funding behind it) does exist, and THUS it's not impossible for another language like that to be made.

In this day an age, we constantly see quite good languages coming from apparently nowhere. I'd add Nim, Zig, Crystal, and others to the list.

So, parent's point is: V might not exist at all, but that's not because it's too farfetched to exist.

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