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Ah, If I had a dollar for every time a post like this shows up on HN, I'd be a millionaire. It's either this, or some personal anecdote of how some founder took his startup to Austin, Detroit, Nashville, Seattle .. < insert gentrifying city here > and they are kicking butt.

Last I checked, San Francisco alone accounted for 25% of the V.C Money and San Francisco + Silicon Valley accounts for over 45% of V.C. Money.

Source: https://www.citylab.com/life/2018/03/the-extreme-geographic-...

> The Bay Area—that is, San Francisco and Silicon Valley—currently accounts for nearly 45 percent of total venture capital investment in the entire United States

and there is no tug of war.

>This kind of story is often framed as a tug of war between Silicon Valley and the rest of the country

Write all you want, but if you are looking for funding (which most entrepreneurs are), then San Francisco and Silicon Valley is still the place to be at.

I don't think it's a matter of "SF dying for startups" as much as it points out that starting there, and then moving elsewhere when you've moved to the next level, is very viable.

Basically SF is to startups as Nashville is to country musicians or Los Angeles is to actors.

There was an article voted up in HN on how we are in Peak California and Bay Area. And someone pointed out that this narrative has been going on for decades.

Meme: beleaguered Apple / SV

Sure Silicon Valley is great for raising money but it's horrible for running and scaling a business. Why undergo all that overhead? Create a real business in a place you can find talent and sustain. You can always travel or have a presence in SV to raise money. Thoughts?

The landlords without rent control are enjoying this, as are the homeowners moving out. That 45% feels a lot smaller once you realize that your money doesn't go very far.

It's also not all your 45%. You have more competitors for that investment, so you can expect a smaller slice of the pie or a reduced chance at getting some pie.

Well said.

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