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Love the idea. Please try to add Madcap (https://madcapcoffee.com/) to your list of coffee producers; they are one of the best coffee roasters in the US, in my opinion. They already have a traditional subscription model that ships all over the country.

We'll be sure to reach out! Thanks for the tip.

I'd also totally recommend Dark Matter. They have a great subscription right now that, IMO, is fairly approachable, but still interesting enough for folks who are into unique coffee. They also have one of the best supply chains I've run into - 2-day shipping to most places, so you're getting really fresh coffee. Turns out Chicago is nice for that.

Madcap is also excellent, as well as Tandem, Wild Gift, Ritual...

On the other side, if you're not aware, you might take some flack for working with Four Barrel, since they've had fairly public issues with their founder sexually harassing folks, and then further shadyness: https://www.sfchronicle.com/restaurants/article/Four-Barrel-...

Thanks for the recommendations!

Re: Four Barrel - copied from above:

We have been told by Four Barrel that they are now employee owned and that the former owner is no longer involved.

My email is available at my account. If you know for certain that the above is not true, please reach out.

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