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The Secretary of State sees fit to make a public announcement about how ICC investigators won't be granted US visas, but when a Saudi national commits a fatal hit-and-run on US soil, he can be flown out by his government under the cover of night, no problem [1]. Here's what the attorney for the family of the victim said:

"While we appreciate Secretary Pompeo's condolences, what we need is a commitment by this administration to act: to negotiate with the King of Saudi Arabia for the return of Mr Noorah. We understand that while 'the law enforcement options are limited', the Department of State options are not so limited."

It is beyond parody that a government undertaking multiple military campaigns abroad, including helping Saudi Arabia foment a humanitarian crisis in Yemen, is claiming to be powerless to act because Saudi Arabia doesn't have a bilateral extradition treaty with the US. As if there aren't billions in arms deals and military aid that the US could use as leverage if they wanted to.

Pompeo clearly has far bigger priorities. Like making sure ICC investigators looking into Israel's settlements also can't set foot in the US either.


I think the US makes its stance abundantly clear: it's fine with crimes committed by governments, government officials, or in the name of a government. It's not fine with persecuting those crimes.

There's honestly no other way to read this as far as I can tell.

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