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What are the long term prospects for freedom of expression there? [1]

As a first generation immigrant I just don't think the opportunities for socio-economic mobility would be present for my (future) kids anywhere but in a liberal democracy.

[1] https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/10/poland-...

Most statements in this piece are highly debatable or blown out of proportions. Poland gets a lot of bad press under the new government (which sucks IMO, but on the grounds of their mundane incompetence and stupidity - high even for modern democracies - and not because they’re some evil authoritarians) in part because Polish media is mostly controlled by anti-government journalists, who put very heavy spin on reality. And these are the people who the foreign journalists (Spiegel, NYT, Guardian etc) talk to about situation in Poland. IMO, we’re ruled by cynical simpletons, but probably no greater than Trump, Berlusconi, Cameron etc.

The Atlantic seems to be reputable, but extremely biased towards left-wing causes.

Left-wing causes include smearing Poland because of its supposedly right-wing government (some Poles don't agree it's right-wing, actually).

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