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Timbits and Crown Royal. It’s not going to the product that’s for sure.

FWIW, you are close, but substitute some sort of bourbon or scotch instead of Canadian whiskey :)

EDIT: this was a joke. I worked there so I know where the R&D dollars went: to quality engineering. But it is the damned truth that we drank Bourbon and Scotch, not Canadian whiskey

the fireball was canadian (though maybe not "whiskey") ;)

I've been a Pager Duty user since 2011. It's a good product and fulfills its need. I don't see it as a product requiring 8 figures of R&D, so seriously what are they doing with it all?

Man, if I was them I'd be going for Bearface Whiskey and Pie Commission beef pies. But that's just this humble Torontonian's opinion.

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