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I was just reading about this guy today who was a German citizen who was kidnapped from Macedonia and sent to a blacksite in Afghanistan and tortured for months:


Why? His name was one-letter away from another suspect:

    Khalid El-Masri
    Khalid Al-Masri [1]
And the famous female CIA "queen of torture" decided on a hunch he could be the same guy, apparently against the wishes of her subordinates, and had him kidnapped.

I'm not a fan of ICC as a solution to this problem. But it's interesting that the people behind very obvious torture/kidnapping are going unpunished.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khalid_al-Masri

A really tragic case.

The CIA dropped him, dirty and in ragged clothes, on some country road in Albania. Where he was detained again, because he looked like a terrorist. (!)

He's obviously broken. After returning to Germany he committed violent crimes and was sentenced to prison.

No idea why the court did not send him to a psychiatric clinic.

And it's quite unsatisfying that the questions about what the German government knew when and did about it never got useful answers or consequences.

Or Macedonia.

Which may be an equally a relevant point to this topic.

This is literally the plot to Brazil... Life imitates art

"I'm not a fan of ICC as a solution to this problem"

Why not, seems reasonable on the face of it.

Genuine question, not American, so maybe unaware of nuances.

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