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I've never understood a hygiene factor of bidets, do you basically wipe your fecal matter with your hands + water? At my office I notice a lot of people don't even wash their hands after they used a toilet, I can't imagine how bad for other's in the office it would be if we had bidets - if they cleaned their butt with their hands instead of a toilet paper and then go to kitchen... We share kitchen afterall with these people...Maybe I don't understand how bidets work?

You don’t understand how they work. The bidet does the initial and most of the cleaning, then you finish off/dry yourself with toilet paper. You use way less paper though and feel way cleaner.

It's... interesting to read this. What I usually do is that I clean my butt with toilet paper until it comes out white, I throw that paper in the toilet, then I wash my butt with soap and water, then I dry it with a towel. I wonder if I'm the weird one?

I hate to tell you this, I think you are. Most people stop after the toilet paper.

my guess is it's like this: https://youtu.be/vwIUgZmFTxc

Yeah, it's actually the other way around! If you had fecal matter on your face you would probably want to wash it off rather than just try to clean it up with paper. It's not like paper works any better down there...

You don't. Your hands never come into contact with your anus or fecal matter.

I've had friends react negatively to my bidet. I ask them, "If you needed to clean dog poop off pavement, would you rather grab paper towels or a power washer?"

Yep you don't understand how a bidet work. It emits a stream of high pressure water which removes the waste from your butt. No hand touching involved

If you soap your hand before, that thing, essentially never touches your hands.

They are amazing.

They power-wash your butt, and then you finish ( mostly drying off ) with TP.

Yes and they take about 5 minutes to install. No reason not to get one.

I've owned 3 different toilet-attachment-style bidets. Two were this style, but after having a kid flood a bathroom ( streams of water are waaay too tempting), I went to an electronic version that has a weight sensor and a spray timeout. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0128T2HQK/ref=oh_aui_se... Cost is worth it if you have children around who may flood the bathroom.

Bidets are also really useful for women after they have a baby and are recovering from the trauma as well as folks with hemorrhoids.

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