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Of course not, I never said they were equal, but 'equivalent'. In order to facilitate a discussion some simplifications are helpful sometimes. You are right in the regard that on the level of a formal academic discussion this would be a false equivalency. But on an informal level (with that level of simplification in mind) they are similiar enough to make a comparison.

The most striking similiarity of Bundesrat and Senate for example is that both are institutions that represent political subdivisions (States, Bundesländer), not the population as such. Another similiarity is the role in the ratification and oversight [of the federal Budget (https://www.bundesrat.de/DE/bundesrat/ausschuesse/fz/fz-node...) especially and generally laws that concern federal and substate-level interests].

Also, I made that comparison especially because both houses of the german parliament are regularly mistaken with one another -- even in serious publications.

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