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I thought California. Has the best climate in the country?

California is a big state. It has almost all the subtropical climates in it somewhere. https://www.touristmaker.com/climate/california-climate-zone...

No, that's just my home, Redwood City. We don't have A/C or a house fan, and the need for heat is fairly minimal, relatively speaking. (It's been a cold winter, though, I think it was 36f this morning!)


Hello fellow RWC dweller!

Can confirm, don't need much AC or Heat year round.

It does. Given that everyone has their own idea of 'best', California has climates that span desert to rain forest and pretty much everything in between.

As long as you locate to the area that most closely approximates your personal definition of 'best' you win.

I didn't realize that temperate rainforest go all the way down to the NW of California. Coming from Seattle, WA that's pretty cool. (the more you know). :-)

I've half-joked in the past that the Pacific Northwest starts on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It really is true that by the time you're a couple hours north on the coast, though, it's a pretty profound difference: foggier, rainier, cooler but moderate (i.e., lower highs but higher lows).

Right along the coast is great. For example, Venice is very nice. Los Angeles itself is mostly too hot.

If you think cool temperatures are more comfortable, then San Francisco is great.

It does and it doesn't. It's a huge state... parts of it are lush redwood forests, other parts are literally some of the lowest/hottest/dryest places on earth (death valley). Depends on where you are and what time of the year it is.

Along the coast and in some mountain areas it's perfect. Otherwise it's a f...ing desert.

I dig the desert. It’s nice to escape to e.g. Joshua Tree.

Later this summer I’ll be hiking Mt. Whitney, and will swing through Death Valley on the way home. 15k altitude change in a few hours.

Try the cactus to clouds hike.

Well, it's not all just desert; that's more in the south. In the middle it's mostly farmland (in fact, rather excellent farmland, thanks to the combination of good soil, plenty of sunshine, temperate weather, and - the recent droughts notwithstanding - decent water availability; there's a reason why California is the primary source of quite a few fruits and vegetables for the world, let alone the US), and in the north it's mostly forest.

Not even close.

It does but most of california has been destroyed by pollution, toxic waste and trash.


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