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I’d settle for a lot more people saying what OP is saying. California has one of the most incompetent governments in the world but this is masked because it is home to tech and we’re in boom times.

Jerry Brown’s one big accomplishment was restraining the more idiotic impulses of his own caucus yet the political and media classes hail him as some sort of superlative political leader. His budget surplus is due to reneging on the “temporary” top marginal tax increase in boom times. Nothing more.

The problem is America as a whole. Democracy is governing through collective intelligence, reliant on strong public discourse. Our public discourse is utterly ineffective, and as a result we execute as well as a brain with a severed corpus callosum.

We don't need more people spouting the same shit. Central valley farmers know the situation is bad too - it's just that their dialogue and that of suburban/urban voters are completely decoupled. There is no conversation. Any proposals from one group are wholly ignorant of and rejected by the other.

Jerry Brown's accomplishment is holding us steady, because even that is a challenge in the face of California's collective incompetence at being a society.

It's a big problem, but we can't blame our representatives for it. Like a marriage, everyone has to put in a little work. I try to do my part by supporting smaller grass-roots organizations, and canvassing for what I see as pragmatic bridge-builders...

> the political and media classes hail him as some sort of superlative political leader

Look around and see what we have to compare him to. The bar is pretty low in general nowadays.

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