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Not OP but from their website it looks like they rely on Mastercard:

> Every dollar in your Point Bank Account is insured by the FDIC up to $250,000, and unauthorized charges are covered by Mastercard Zero Liability protection.

And Mastercard offers the same protection for both debit and credit card products[1].


Credit cards have specific legal protections and abilities (e.g. chargeback) that debit cards do not. MC's policy (thanks for linking to it!) offers none of those -- for CCs because there's no need, and for debit because the banks really really want to not provide them.

Ironically those protections were pushed for by the CC providers in the 1960s to encourage use of CCs. Now that CCs are ubiquitous, banks are pushing debit cards because they don't have those protections.

It's quite painful trying to get an ATM card from your bank that isn't also a debit card. Doable, but in my experience hard.

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