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There is a difference between “making a move” and “harassment”.

It doesn’t take much intelligence or confidence to have sex with a child, too.

'There is a difference between “making a move” and “harassment”.'

Along with the fact that I suspect you are trying to refer to a specific incident, I'd point out that in a world where everything is subjective and in the eye of the beholder/victim, no, actually, there isn't. This is relevant in the context of discussion of "blackmail", if your definition of "make a move" happens to be their definition of "harassment". Even if "heavenlyblue" thinks it's the former, it's not going to help.

No, there is: if the victim told you it’s harassment, you immediately stop. You jail those who don’t stop after being asked to stop.

Legally speaking you don’t need to define the ways in which the law allows you to unconditionally communicate (verbally, physcally or non-verbally) with me. If I told you to stay back - then you should stay back and I don’t owe you an apology.

You’re trying to reduce everything to relativism. I think the real world is quite a bit more black and white in such cases. And we have jury for the cases that are gray areas.

Your definition does not correspond to the one being used "in the wild", and I think it's a motte and bailey argument.

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