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I realized that I'm going to live, it isn't hard, I keep waking up day after day. When I focussed on the short term, life was hard, super hard. But then I realized If I focus on the long term, things got easier. It may sound strange, but I plan on living until 140. May be unrealistic, maybe not, but I can plan better for that, because the day to day is hectic. It helped me process past all the shit and problems today are limited by their time, and the more time passes, the more I can let them go. I don't care about problems from 10 years ago, and in 10 years, problems now won't matter. Just have to keep setting my self up to move forward, even if it is only a little bit. And every two steps back don't matter in the long term. This is all about how you let things affect you, all you can do is try to not let them hit you too hard today.

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