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How can I not be angry as a teen? (depending on circumstances and truama as a child and childhood).

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

I am mad jealous of children whose parents made them do outdoor activies. Heck I wish I wasn't even born (can't suffer again neck fracture, unless a gun does the job I live on). I am mad jealous at other rich spoiled kids. Heck I am mad at useless bullshit jobs. Heck I am mad at meaningless cosmological nihilism that we all try to avoid. Heck I am mad for being a nobody without any social life, hobbies and even failing at exams.

I do not know if anger helps you fight your circhmstanced or is just detrimental?

I realized that I'm going to live, it isn't hard, I keep waking up day after day. When I focussed on the short term, life was hard, super hard. But then I realized If I focus on the long term, things got easier. It may sound strange, but I plan on living until 140. May be unrealistic, maybe not, but I can plan better for that, because the day to day is hectic. It helped me process past all the shit and problems today are limited by their time, and the more time passes, the more I can let them go. I don't care about problems from 10 years ago, and in 10 years, problems now won't matter. Just have to keep setting my self up to move forward, even if it is only a little bit. And every two steps back don't matter in the long term. This is all about how you let things affect you, all you can do is try to not let them hit you too hard today.

I do not know if anger helps you fight your circhmstanced or is just detrimental?

I think that depends on how you react to that anger. Generally there is a core need that is underlying that anger. Once that core need is identified, it may be that the anger turns into a different emotion, and will also start to provide avenues for dealing with that need.

Eg. if the anger is related to failing at exams, on reflection it may be that you determine that this is affecting you because it may affect your future career prospects, ie your need is to secure your financial future. Or perhaps it is due to another need. The underlying emotion would then be perhaps fear or anxiousness (or it may be something else). Anger is the unrealized version of this emotion. Once you have identified the underlying needs and emotions, that will start you on the path to fulfilling those needs.

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