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> Aggression should always be acted upon, just not in a retarded way.

I think you're being optimistic. Parent doesn't mention any emotion besides aggression. No line was drawn between men shooting up schools and men not being able to cry, it was totally focused on aggression.

They point out that male-emasculation is leading to shootings, not repression of all emotions - I mean, isn't the expression of crying "emasculating"? I don't see anything but aggression in the parent comment.

Are men not being able to cry nowadays.Isn't the last generation "generation snowflake"?

Typically if one refers to emasculation of someone through actions, they ascribe to a certain unique quality to "maleness", seems to reject the emotions typically seen as feminine.

Isn't the article just about anger? I was talking about anger

I was talking about anger, zebrafish was giving you the benefit of the doubt and implying the full gamut of emotion.

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