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If you are interested in the subject, The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages by Simon Peyton Jones is actually freely available on his Microsoft Research page : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/publication/the-imp...

The book is really great. It starts with a very interesting explanation of lambda calculus and how high-level functional programming language can be tied to it. Chapters 8 and 9 were written by Peter Hancock and cover step by step how to write a polymorphic type-checker (the examples are in Miranda but it's not far from Haskell).

For a 1987 book, it all aged very well.

I once had an embarrassing post-concert-in-the-pub conversation with PH in which I confidently asserted that he didn’t understand polymorphism. “Yes I do. I wrote N chapters of a book about it”. I call BS and demand name of book. He names book. I say “but I have that book and it’s by SPJ”. “Ah” says Hank “but the chapters on polymorphism are mine!”


Self plug: Here's a Rust implementation of [one of the Virtual machines described in the book (TIM)](https://github.com/bollu/timi) I worked hard on the UI, and I hope it shows. Exploring the states through the UI gave me deep insight into how the machine works.

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