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My color picker gives me very different values than shown:

e.g. for the soft pastel, i get:

adcef0, bfddb1, cbfedc, dfcbfb

Anybody else getting these? I'm using Gpick on Linux

I am getting the correct codes from PhotoShop's color picker when saving the images locally. T

hat being said, yeah, using the color picker on the screen gives different results.

In my case, that's because I shift my screens towards the red to avoid blue light exposure.

Proper color filters would only work on the image on the way to the video card, and not affect what other software sees. E.g. Flux works this way in MacOS, and, I think, Windows.

The difference is probably due to the application of color profiles in one of the programs.

On Moc OSX with my native color picker set to sRGB, for the color labeled #abcdef I get #accfef. Set to AdobeRGB I get #b6cded. With the Chrome Dev Tool's color picker I get #acceef.

I think this is just a result of the wonderful world of color profiles.

I just checked again and it was Firefox. Opening in feh gave me the right colors

Well, that is interesting. For some colors (e.g. ff6666) I get the same value but for some others, it seems to depend on the application. For example, the ffcc66 color appears as ffcd66 in Firefox and Chrome but as ffcc66 in Gwenview and Gimp. And it doesn't seem to make a difference which color picker I use (tried Gimp, Plasma color picker, and the Firefox dev-tools).

It looks like the browsers interpret the images differently.

I've always assumed that the color profile used for a screen has some effect on how color pickers interpret what is displayed.

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