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Those posts are almost exclusively about media bias, manipulation and censorship. Isn't that what GamerGate claims to be about?

A large number of them are about Captain Marvel. What do you suppose it is about that particular movie that would lead to such outrage?

In the top ten, precisely one item (number ten) is about video games.

You can read the posts themselves to see what they are complaining about. Movie studios drummed up fake outrage about people being angry about a woman superhero when such controversy never existed. Then they took all the negative reviews of Captian Marvel and blamed them on misogyny. They also got Rotton Tomatoes and other platforms to lock user reviews. This is all classic GamerGate stuff I think.

GamerGate is about more than video games, it's about media manipulation and bias and it's about journalists acting like activists.

Where's the evidence that the movie studios "drummed up fake outrage"?

Also if I recall correctly Rotten Tomatoes removed the ability to submit a review for a movie that hasn't been released yet, which to my mind seems like an entirely sensible restriction, particularly in the face of the obvious spamming that was going on. It seems to me like RT made a product decision relating to what best serves their users. What's the argument against it?

> They also got Rotton Tomatoes and other platforms to lock user reviews.

This is silly. They locked out reviews being placed before the movie was released in theaters, because the rating was being deliberately bombed towards the single digits by people who can't possibly have seen the movie.

This is true but the reason people were upset and leaving negative reviews is because the studios and media had already created a fake outrage and stoked political tensions for marketing reasons. That is what people were upset about, not that the movie had a female lead.

> “You could not pay me to see this SJW laden white male hating worthless POS movie,” commented one user. “I am sick of this identity politics taking over pop culture. Brie Larson could get hit by a bus and I would not shed a tear.”


Does that review sound like someone who is upset with a movie studio because they created fake outrage, or someone who is upset about a movie's female lead?

Plenty more examples: https://twitter.com/camethedawnxp/status/1097593187621842945

It sounds like someone upset with the politics pushed by the movie since that’s literally what they are complaining about.

How could the reviewers know the "politics pushed by the movie" prior to having seen it? What are the politics pushed by the Captain Marvel movie? Can you point to specific scenes/themes that are "white male hating"?

How could they know the politics pushed by a movie they haven't seen?

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