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Show HN - third party risk wrt security or gdpr
2 points by smu 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments
The goal of this project is to bundle a lot of information around third-party risk for GDPR and security related use.

I do a lot of GDPR and information security consulting for B2B SAAS companies. These companies become interested in GDPR/security at the moment they are having some success with selling to enterprises, as these enterprises have a procurement process in place with (often very thorough) questionnaires on security and privacy related concerns.

I end up having to chase down information spread around the web in order to fill out these questionnaires. So that's the reason behind this: a reference guide for gdpr & security related information.

* Actual website: https://third-party-risk.herokuapp.com/ (it's still rather empty right now, I'll add more data in the coming weeks)

* Github: https://github.com/ddccffvv/third-party-risk

Comments/remarks/suggestions very welcome! As well as help with the code, design, chasing down data...

Let me know if you want me to add your company (either here or the email on the site).

There's a similar list on https://gdpr4saas.eu/providers-list

Fantastic! Part of posting this was trying to find out if similar resources exist :)

Although I’d also like the list of subprocessors, that’s often needed and can’t find it on that site (at first glance)

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