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Buddhist believe in reincarnation. So they have already less death aversion than westerners. Maybe that accounts for part of the suicide rate.

Suicide is a big sin in Buddhism and will give you a bad rebirth. I wonder if it's the trauma from the civil war.

Trauma from the civil war sounds much more plausible than Buddhism or emotional restraint. Twenty-five years of war is bound to leave a generous portion of the population with PTSD and grief of loss. People suffering from PTSD or grief tend to have higher suicide rates in other countries.

We should also keep in mind that "Buddhist countries" probably are as Buddhist as "Christian countries" are Christian which is not much.

>bad rebirth

Carl Sagan Dragon fallacy (1) reincarnation may be as real as not existing. Buddhism was mainly a way to solve India caste problem.

(1) Carl Sagan, The Demon Haunted World

This is reductive and uninformed.

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