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For seven years, what I strongly suspect is paid astroturfing has been up on wikipedia for one of the largest hotel/casino conglomerates on the Las Vegas strip:


It surprised me that nobody had added the “reads like an advertisement” template in all that time, so I did. Get out there and be vigilant.

Wikipedia works quite well in spite of that though.

The Sands article looks like it was written by a company employee / PR which I'm not sure is quite astroturfing. Depends on your definitions I guess.

It reminds me of a page I put up on the company Algenol which I thought interesting as it was trying to make ethanol direct from algae and sunlight and saying it would be cheaper than regular fuel. Then the whole thing got rewritten by someone like Algenol's PR and someone flagged it but I couldn't be bothered to re-edit the whole thing - takes ages. Then Algenol kind of failed, fired the boss and went on to other things. Not sure how the page is now.

But you could add “reads like an advertisement” on most things about/from/in the US. Reading the same articles in other languages gives a completely different picture. Wikipedia in English is heavily biased.

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