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Indeed, there’s something almost unsettling about text that initially appears to follow a sort of internal logic, yet doesn’t. Some of the results read like a programming fever dream:

“I set each thread * pointer, adding a new thread and in a loop inside this function. The thread would be immediately on the thread, but the thread resulted in the exception. If I return the thread to the first thread and finally the thread is left, the thread doesn't hang, and I couldn't kill thread # 1 - because the thread method made first thread calls the native thread. But, the thread is waiting for the thread blocking and all the other threads to be started. In other words, the thread is always destroyed.”

Unsettling is exactly the word. https://stackroboflow.com/#!/question/16662 leaves me trying to work out what on earth the poster's really trying to do - even though I know full well that there is no poster...

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