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eCommerce company seeks Devops expertise to help stabilize an older production environment based in AWS.

Skills sought:

- automation expertise (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, whatever - we're agnostic so long as it works).

- CI/CD expertise - we're currently using a mix of 'git pull' and Capistrano, we'd like to modernize a bit.

- monitoring/metrics - our current Nagios system is noisy and long in the tooth. We'd love to upgrade to 'something different' that isn't waking us up on a regular basis for nothing.

- Rails expertise - our platform runs on Rails. We suspect having some modicum of expertise in that area would be helpful for our purposes.

- containers/kubernetes? We're curious if our business would be a fit for a straight-up kubernetes migration. Bonus points if you can help us figure that out and perhaps implement!

Compensation - Negotiable

Please email Jack (jahodges419 - at - gmail.com) with why you think you'd be a good fit. TIA!

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