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The current telecom providers, who compete with each other? If you compare similarly dense areas in the US and Europe, we're doing pretty well on high-speed Internet access. I have multiple gigabit options in Chicago, and only got them in the last couple years. What's not working?

It’s rare in Chicago to have multiple fiber options and lots of the city has none.

I don’t necessarily disagree with your point but your experience may be on the rare side.

You may not have multiple fiber options all over the city, but its really common to have at least 2 high speed options. Chicago doesn't have a cable or telephone monopoly, so you've always had the option of Comcast or RCN and AT&T or Verizon. They all offer internet these days.

All the railroad right of ways are loaded with fiber, the freight tunnels are loaded with fiber, etc.

If you are downtown, you can add the half dozen or so fully competent local ISPs. These companies sell internet to condo associations; every unit gets a dedicated connection and the common areas get shared wifi. The cost gets added to the monthly assessment. Where I live it's $25 per month for 500 meg symmetrical.

I work in a 1920s skyscraper in the Loop. Cogent stops by at least once a year and puts coffee and (expensive) donuts in the lobby. They'll run fiber directly from their backbone to a server rack on whatever floor your office is on.

I can get gig speed from xfinity. That’s it. When I lived 10 blocks south I had zero options. At that location 16mb dsl was the best choice.

Railroad right of ways are largely immaterial to last mile home seevice.

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