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Writing Great Docs as a Bad Writer (netlify.com)
36 points by rmason 6 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

"A feature does not exist until it's documented"

Like the undocumented right arrow key to advance to the next slide?

You don't even know whether this is a slide show, or a misloaded page. You hit the space bar, nothing happens. Nope, can't be a slide show. Every slide show program you've ever seen advances to the next slide when you hit the space bar.

Ha! It’s even worse on mobile, where you’re just stuck on the first slide

Doesn’t work in mobile afaict

Or is that the Joke

ironically (or extremely well fitting?) the most excellent content with an not so great slides format

The content is a worthwhile read and I love the idea of using this for a conference. Not so much as a reference though

This was for a conference. Is there a video of this anywhere I wonder? https://www.webcraft.com.jm/speakers/chris-fritz.html

Too annoying in current format - needs better writing/delivery format...

Doesn't seem to work in Chrome Mobile.

I just realised how much I hate slides. Any tl;dr version of this as a paragraph of text?

I tried, it doesn't display anything than the opening slide on PC, privitized firefox and virgin chrome either.

Does the right-arrow or Page-Down key work for you? Took me a second to figure out

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