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Show HN: C++17 In Detail, a book that will move you from C++11/14 to C++17
12 points by joebaf on Mar 14, 2019 | hide | past | web | favorite

Last year in August I've released my first self-published book.

C++17 In Detail Available at Leanpub: https://leanpub.com/cpp17indetail

Keeping up with the latest changes in the language is quite hard. C++ moves quite fast recently, and there are many exciting features added with each iteration. The book shows all the significant changes in the language and the Standard Library. The chapters are much easier to grasp than reading reference pages or the Standard itself. It's a great guide for any C++ developer who knows a little about C++11/14 and wants to move forward.

In August the book was 90% ready, and I worked since then to write the last chapters and improve the content. In March it reached finally the 100% status :)

I would appreciate any feedback! You can also ask me about the publishing process.

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