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Show HN: Fi – launches first LTE CAT M1 low energy dog collar (tryfi.com)
13 points by wcauchois 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I was a beta tester (well, more specifically my dog was!) for the Fi collar. It's pretty amazing tech with clever power-saving features. We tested it for ~2 months without having to re-charge.

Hi HN!

I'm a backend engineer at Fi and we just launched our GPS dog collar and activity tracker powered by the low power LTE CAT M1 network and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Happy to answer any questions!

Not an engineering question, but do you foresee trademark issues with Google Fi?

Does the online store work for Firefox? It never gets finished loading for me.

It should! It does for me. Can you give me any more information? Which page isn't loading? Do you have any ad blockers or other extensions installed? Thank you!

I love this. I can see this being extended for cars, kids, car keys, etc. Would love this in Europe.

This looks awesome

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