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Show HN: PerfectPixel Browser Extension (welldonecode.com)
10 points by abelozerov 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Whenever you need to express your design mockup in HTML in a precise way you need a tool to check and compare — this is where PerfectPixel browser extension shines! PerfectPixel allows you to do it by placing a semi-transparent overlay on top of a browser page

Our potential user base are frontend developers and everyone who needs to compare images with what they see in browser. PerfectPixel already has around 200,000 of unique monthly users

Project is monetized through ads

Team consists of 2 co-founders with web full stack expertise (San Francisco, Saint Petersburg), 1 contractor front end developer, 1 contractor designer

We are a bit stuck on what do to next - how to expand our user base and improve our monetization - can you suggest us something? And we are open for partnership for sure

Cool, very useful tool! I'm going to try it

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