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I agree that when it comes to 'arrangement' aspects like this arguing one or the other misses the point and seems more like fetishism in the 'shamanic' sense. Engineering involves trade-offs and one may fit for one task or environment but not the other. It could be the proverbial square wheels that look horrible but actually work perfectly for its niche.

One would be rightfully considered batty for trying to do /everything/ recursively for the sake of it while dogmatically avoiding recursion by creating massively multi-dimensional arrays would also be considered insane.

(Ironically I must disagree with client-side JS as something to be avoided whenever possible but that is over concrete concerns of trust, bloat, and abuse where 'but we can't do that then' is greeted with 'mission accomplished'. If it is locked away server-side I particularly don't care if you use assembly code or a lolcat based language.)

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