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Drinking Ernest Shackleton's Whisky (2011) (nytimes.com)
34 points by kevlar1818 42 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

"As a prophylactic measure, they were drinking their Scotch mixed with Irn-Bru"

...and they asked these barbarians about whisky?!

I have never heard of anybody here in Scotland drinking whisky mixed with Irn-Bru, except as a dare. Expensive whisky is drunk neat, or with a bit of water; never with ice. Increasingly, nowadays, you get whisky cocktails. Cheap blended whisky is also drunk neat, or with beer (either side-by-side or as a boilermaker, with the shotglass of whisky dropped into a pint of beer), or with soda water or lemonade.

Irn-Bru is usually drunk with vodka.

Pretty sure Bells and Irn Bru collaborated on an 'alcopop' a few years back.

Edit: by a few years I mean the late 90s. Getting old.

Irn-Bru? I wholly agree. At that point, the taster has zero credibility and/or credibility.

This is the beverage equivalent of a dry-aged, marbled, fine Wagyu steak cooked to a perfect medium, then covering it in ketchup. Sacrilege.

the worst hangovers I have ever seen were in Scotland after the New Year .. coincidence ? let inquiring minds wonder

I have a bottle of this replica whisky. Got it as a gift last year. I'm not enough of an enthusiast to say much more than "yes, this does taste very good" but I do very much enjoy the story around it.

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