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Hmmmmm, what makes you say "domain-driven design, event storming, serverless, and event driven architectures" is less "ivory tower"?

"ivory tower" to me means academic, theoretical, "interesting", "pure", vs on the other end of pragmatic, practical, get-it-done, whatever-works, maybe messy. (either end of the spectrum has plusses and minuses).

"DDD, event storming, event driven architectures" don't sound... not "ivory tower" to me. :) Then again, I am a U.S. developer!

It's just basic architecture, no? ( From Europe...)

I think many think an rdbms-centric design is just "basic architecture", and all that "event sourced" stuff is over-engineered buzzword complexity.

It might very well be _useful_, it may be something many more people oughta be doing if only they knew how valuable it was. Could be! But it certainly does not seem basic or simple to me. It seems, well, "ivory tower". And something with a learning curve. Not "basic" at all. (And certainly neither do microservices).

Do y'all in Europe learn "domain-driven design, event storming, serverless, and event driven architectures" in school or something? (I don't even totally know what all those things mean, enough to explain it to someone else).

I learned it after hours ( not at school) and almost everywhere best practises are applied.

Some SMB's don't know anything, but the developers take "pride" in their work i think.

Ugly source-codes are everywhere though.

And I picked it up in Accenture’s Technology Group, starting with the success of this project:


Ivory tower as opposed to collaborative. Maybe it’s the wrong comparison.

Product-oriented vs process-oriented maybe.

I'm still not sure which one you are suggesting is "product-oriented" and which one "process-oriented"!

Product would be sql server and some ivory tower framework vs process which would be DDD.

OK! Agreed on product vs process. I still don't think "ivory tower" means the same thing to you as it does to me, so be it!

When I look up "ivory tower" on google, google's supplied dictionary definition is "a state of privileged seclusion or separation from the facts and practicalities of the real world." I don't think that's how you're using it though? Which confused me. But ok!

I’ve used “ivory tower” to denote closed off, non-collaborative architects that have enough power to do things “they’re way”.

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