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There is also this in article Article 7.4 (https://gdpr-info.eu/art-7-gdpr/)

> 4 It shall be as easy to withdraw as to give consent.

If you prompt me to accept on every page then you must also prompt me to decline on every page, otherwise you fail this test. Hiding the option to withdraw consent in some random settings page is obviously not as easy as clicking yes when prompted.

Most sites have already created all their tracking cookies before the user even sees the opt-in form too, which isn't compliant with the GDPR or the old cookie law.

So you want more pop ups? Because I'm sure they're willing to oblige.

Well, no, if they're required to harass the "consenters" equally to the "nonconsenters", then that (a) removes the motivation for users to fake consent just to get away from the harassment; and (b) motivates the site developer to choose an amount of popups that's actually appropriate for the UX they want, since that'll affect all users all the time.

If a site doesn't wants to cover itself all the time with a popup regarding cookies, then they're not allowed to cover itself all the time for users who never consent to tracking.

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